We have produced our version of the American Bully, through years of selective breeding. We have been diligently working on our “Platinum in Cairo” program for the last several years. For those who don't know us or about us let us take a second to explain the History of Texas Made and what are program is about:

In 1999 Jon purchased a 100% Rendon dog, by the name of Rendon’s “Blue” aka “Platinum”. What attracted Jon to this line was how short and wide the dogs were as well as the short muzzles and blocky heads. “Platinum” was a 18 inch dog with a wide chest and a 23 inch head, which was big for that time in Texas. In our opinion he was truly a Bully before his time.

After showing Eric “Platinum”, we decided to create Texas Made Kennels. After doing some homework we linked up with one of the first Razors Edge breeders in Texas, Barrington Morgan, who was breeding heavy “Knuckles” blood at the time. We bred “Platinum” to a 5x “Knuckles” female named “Diamond” which produced one of Texas Made’s most essential males “Tussle”, who was owned by Eric. Next, “Platinum” was bred to “Eve”, who was 50% “Denton” female to produce “Madison” which Jon owned. Then, “Platinum” was bred to Dyer’s “Sable” a “Gaff/Knowlwoods” female to produce “Trauma”. “Platinum” was shot shortly after this breeding.

The reason we chose to work with these lines were to help correct some of the flaws that the Rendon’s line carried such as underbites. Our next step was to cross the “Platinum” offspring. So we took “Tussle” to “Madison” to produce one of our foundation females named “Prada”. Then, we took “Tussle” and bred him to “Trauma” to produce our other named “Fendi”.

Then we knew we had to implement another important step to our program. This is when our most important female was added to the camp, her name was Lindsey. At this time, the “Cairo” blood had reached Texas and Nick from South Coast had “Cai” in Dallas. This is also when my fascination with the “Cairo” blood began. So we had planned to take “Prada” and “Fendi” to him but things didn’t work out at the time so we experimented with the Eddington/ Hodge blood which threw very bully bodies but lacked head structure. We took “Prada” next to Tyme 2 Shyne “Big Texas” (“Cai” x “Delima”), thus producing “Carmella” (Truth’s mom).

We picked up a 7x Knuckles female from Barrington named “Costa Rica” and two months later we bred "Costa Rica" to “P. Diddy” in an attempt to create our version of the original “Knuckles” x “Paddington” breeding and to create a strong foundation to build our 100% Edge dogs from. When the breeding only produced two pups, we repeated the breeding and created “Retro” and “Sushi”. Around this time we added a kennel partner named Wes who owned Grumpys Edge’s “Godzilla’s” littermate brother named Vinny, a “Cai” son, and a “Sampson” x “Beauty” daughter and he later picked up “Junior” off Grumpy’s “Kam” x “Trina”

Next, we finally were able to breed “Fendi” (2x Platinum) to “Cai” (2xPaddington). It was everything we expected it to be. It produced Texas Made's Justice, among other fantastic dogs. We then bred “Costa Rica” to “Cai”, followed by “Carmella” to “Cai”, which produced TEXAS MADE'S TRUTH. We also took “Prada” to “Cai” but it didn’t take, but we have something big lined up for her in the near future. “Truth” has stepped into being the face of Texas Made. He is a perfect example of the double “Platinum” blood crossed with the double “Cairo” x “Viagra” blood. We have focused our last year of breeding around this mixture as well as others. We bred “Truth’s” sister “Cee Cee” to our boy “Silkk” (“Prophet” x “Caiya”). Then we bred “Truth” to “Sushi” (P Diddy x Costa Rica), “Justice” (“Fendi” x “Cai”), and “Terror” (2x Platinum), “Costa Rica” (7x Knuckles female) and “Mocha” (Texas Made/Eddington cross) .

Texas Made is: thinking outside the box, being original, taking our kennel in the unique and different directions and not conforming to the trends but sticking to our vision. We focus on unique and exclusive breedings, that can only be created by Texas Made Kennels. We produce consistently in our own yard and definitely carry, in our opinion, one of the best and most consistent outcrosses in the country. Our breeding program is unlike any program in the country and we are proud to say that we have produced every dog in the Texas Made Kennels with an exception of three that were brought in for tools.
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